NOTE — More samples will be added soon to this page. If you wish specific topics to be covered, please leave a comment below, thank you!

Text Highlighting
— search and highlight text through PDF Clown

File compression
— reduce file size through PDF Clown

More Samples
— download PDF Clown to get lots of code samples

10 thoughts on “Code Samples

    1. Text replacement is a complex topic: PDF typically doesn’t flow, so it’s upon you to ensure the new text properly fits within the page; moreover, the characters referenced in your new text may have no mapping in their (probably) embedded font, as it may have been previously subset. Therefore text replacement is doable but somewhat difficult, depending on the actual characteristics of your files.

    1. PDF Clown doesn’t support HTML rendering (plenty of renderers are already out there), yet next version (0.2.0) is going to feature a simplified formatter which supports tabular structures along with lots of common typographic elements.

  1. I’m trying to make an Android note application with PDF Clown but having a hard time realizing its functions.

    Can I use PDF Clown to render PDF file in my app which acts as a PDF reader?

  2. Do you have any plan about handling images other than JPEG (XObjects where the stream is encoded with something different from DCTDecode)?

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