Copyright © 2006-2015 Stefano Chizzolini. Some rights reserved.


This code is covered by the GNU LGPL v3. Please read the terms of this license (see README files included in the downloadable distribution) before altering or copying the source code.

If you had any legal concern, please read the FAQ.


When you distribute your program using PDF Clown (either self-hosted or as a service), you have to accomplish some requirements:

  • give notice that your program uses PDF Clown, and that PDF Clown is covered by LGPL (might there be a section of your documentation and/or a dialog box displayed by your program which expose copyright notices, you have to show PDF Clown’s copyright notice as well);
  • supply the PDF Clown library source code, or give notice of the way it can be obtained mentioning its home URL (;
  • supply a copy of the LGPL (you can find it included in the downloadable distribution).

Aren’t these requirements applicable to your integration context? You can alternatively opt for an OEM License which grants you the freedom to customize and bundle PDF Clown into your own products without need to disclose its source code or to expose any copyright notice.


PDF Clown is brought to you with a great deal of freedom and no fees: if you liked PDF Clown and found it was beneficial to your activity, please consider making a donation via PayPal to demonstrate your appreciation and willing to support its next developments. The amount to donate is up to your choice. Thank you!



Latest Development Snapshot

This is a source code preview generated from the latest repository HEAD (it contains the latest & greatest but its API may change without notice in the future):

Code Repository

If you liked to keep yourself up-to-date about the current development of PDF Clown, or to create patches for contributing bug fixes and new implementations to PDF Clown, the Subversion (SVN) repository is available on

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