What about screencasts on PDF Clown use?

I’m considering to make screencasts on the use of the library.

Topics are still under definition: what would you like to see in action?

Unleash your curiosity and let me know!

PS: I use open-source IDEs only, so don’t expect me to tweak around with proprietary tools like MS Visual Studio… 😉

2 thoughts on “What about screencasts on PDF Clown use?

  1. It would be nice to see how a header (logo, …) and footer part (imprint, …) could be printed without being overlayed through other content.

  2. I’d be interested in seeing more clearly how to use the BlockComposer to flow content over multiple pages. I know the ‘ComplexTypesettingExample.cs’ demonstrates it, but it also notes that content flow composition will be coming in the future. In the meantime, a screencast futher detailing how to handle that would be helpful to me.

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