What about screencasts on PDF Clown use?

I’m considering to make screencasts on the use of the library.

Topics are still under definition: what would you like to see in action?

Unleash your curiosity and let me know!

PS: I use open-source IDEs only, so don’t expect me to tweak around with proprietary tools like MS Visual Studio… 😉

PDF Clown 0.0.8: Q&A

LATEST NEWS — PDF Clown 0.0.8 functionalities are part of the latest release (PDF Clown 0.1.0). As 0.0 version series is under decommissioning, you’re warmly invited to adopt the current 0.1 version series. Thank you!

This post collects all the relevant information about issues and questions regarding PDF Clown 0.0.8.

If you have any doubt on topics not treated here, please apply your question to the Help forum.

1. ‘GoToExternalDestination’ class missing

See Topic 3836075 in the Help forum.

2. ‘xref’ keyword not found

See Topic 3434621 in the Help forum.

3. Unknown type: Comment

See Topic 3863926 in the Help forum.

4. Text line height

See Topic 3928380 in the Help forum.