PDF Clown 0.1.1 released

NOTE — PDF Clown 0.1.1 has been superseded by PDF Clown 0.1.2

This release adds support to optional/layered contents, text highlighting, metadata streams (XMP), Type1/CFF font files, along with primitive object model and AcroForm fields filling enhancements. Lots of minor improvements have been applied too.

Last but not least: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll dependency has been removed from .NET implementation.

This release may be downloaded from:


2 thoughts on “PDF Clown 0.1.1 released

  1. So from the information about file referencing, does that mean external data from an XML file can be used to populate the PDF and multiple sections within the PDF?

    1. PDF is essentially a static format (with notable exceptions like interactive forms and multimedia features): file references (see PDF Reference 1.7, § 3.10, “File Specifications”) are tipically intended just as attachments.

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