PDF Clown 0.0.8 released

LATEST NEWS — PDF Clown 0.0.8 functionalities are part of the latest release (PDF Clown 0.1.0). As 0.0 version series is under decommissioning, you’re warmly invited to adopt the current 0.1 version series. Thank you!

This release is focused on text extraction support: a specialized tool provides, along with plain-text extraction, advanced functionalities such as full graphic state of extracted text (font, font size, text color, text rendering mode, text position…), text filtering by area, text grouping and sorting. Lots of minor improvements have been applied too.

Java version migrated to Java 6 platform, while C#/.NET version migrated to .NET 3.5.

LGPL 3 is the new license applied to the project.

Last but not least: the distribution’s directory structure has been revised to simplify its navigation and ease its integration with common IDEs (Eclipse- and Visual Studio-compatible).

This release may be downloaded from:



See PDF Clown 0.0.8 patches.

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